So you start your 2K21 up and when next gen hits

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The deadline to request the game continues until next May 27 at 5:00 p.m. (peninsular time). To get the offer it is required to have an Epic Games user account NBA 2K21 MT Coins, which can be free. Once inside the online shop, it's critical to get into the match file and click the"Access" button.

It is not the first time that the Epic Games Store provides PC games at no cost, in fact, it is a very common practice of this digital store for a couple of years. Since the store's irruption at the end of 2018, the American company has provided the free game maintain so as to market the stage.Next week, following the NBA 2K21 promotion ends, another title will be offered for free, but which is still unknown.

NBA 2K21 is the most recent installment of this basketball simulator developed by Visual Concepts and dispersed by 2K Games. During the fiscal results report of Take Two - the publisher behind the match - presented this week, it was announced that the newest installment has already sold 10 million units since its launch last September.

The latest edition of the basketball game has been marked by the coming of the new generation of consoles, a transition that the top game in this sport has faced with the launching of a distinguished variant for PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection X that was released at the end 2020.

NBA 2K21: These are the information on PS5 and Xbox Series.The NBA 2K21 sports simulator is now available for the newest generation of consoles Buy MT NBA 2K21. By November 10 it could be performed on Xbox collection X / S, while following Thursday 19 it will also arrive on PlayStation 5 in Europe. This new version of NBA 2K21 includes excellent technical innovations and is fully optimized for the new consoles.