P2pah - Undead differ from the other factions

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Like Night Elf Wisps, Undead Acolytes stay on the mine and WOW Classic TBC Gold gather automatically. In 100 seconds, construction one is slower than the Entangled Gold Mine, but Undead Acolytes don't need to stay around in 1 place to construct, instead summoning a portal that brings their constructions into existence.

Undead also differ from the other factions because they will need to utilize their most basic combat unit -- Ghouls -- to collect lumber. The trade-off is that Ghouls collect 20 timber per delivery rather than the Human and Orc's 10, along with the Night Elves' 5. They're also much more defensible, if your opponent target your workers.

All games begin with your starting city right next to a gold mine. Night Elf or Undead players will find their beginning mine ready to use, won't have to worry about Haunting or even Entangling immediately, until,the first Gold Mine collapses. That's correct, Gold Mines don't last forever, so you're going to be seeking to expand quickly into the early mid-game. Locate another gold mine early, and begin planning to clean the region and enlarge to another foundation. You also need to keep an eye for your competitor's expansions. If you've got two gold mines, and they've only got you, you are going to be at a serious benefit.

To find out where your competitors are expanding too, though, you'll need to devote some time on recon. Sending a beginning employee out to learn more about the map is a frequent strategy, but make sure you replace them fast to avoid missing out on precious early game tools. As an example, all factions have access to flying or undetectable units that make for great scouts. Finding out early what sort of force your opponents are building permits to construct an effective counter force.

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